Additional music released for the SPLACEPLAN 2.0 update

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows - Music and Sound Design

Idle game set in the GoT universe, released by That Silly Studio & Devolver Digital

Pick Pack Pup - Soundtrack

Main game music for the game "Pick Pack Pup", released on Playdate

SPACEPLAN OST Limited Edition Vinyl

180g black/red limited edition double vinyl, designed by game developer Jake Hollands and produced by Black Screen Records

Hyperviolet EP

5 track EP featuring a mix of electronica and ambient tracks

PULSE - Live Performance

Live piano and synthesizer performance with a cinematic feel

SPACEPLAN - Music and Sound Design

Incremental clicker game for PC and mobile, released by Devolver Digital

Slip - Soundtrack

Fast paced side scrolling platformer featuring a two color, swap mechanic

Logan, a Berlin-based composer, specializes in creating cinematic, ambient music for video games, merging electronic and acoustic sounds that play with texture and space.

With notable collaborations with companies like Devolver Digital and HBO, Logan brings expertise in composition, sound design, and audio implementation.

When Logan isn't exploring indie metroidvanias or playing card games, he's taking on new projects.

Contact: [email protected]